About Claddagh Metal Services Ltd.

Claddagh Metal Services Ltd. is a proudly Irish, privately owned industrial insulation and cladding company. Claddagh Metal Services Ltd has been setting the standard for excellence in industrial insulation and cladding for over 13 years. Having started with projects country wide across Ireland and have had the opportunity to be involved in some of Irelands largest and more complex, technically advanced projects, Claddagh Metal Services then began working on projects across Europe since 2009.

Claddagh Metal Services Ltd is based in Dublin, in a modern 2,100 sq.ft. office/workshop. The company was formed by Ken Towson and Gerry Mitchell; both have vast experience in the brewery, pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial insulations and cladding field with a commitment to maintaining rigorous standards throughout every project undertaken.

Claddagh Metal Services Ltd management team is committed to ensuring that we continue to fulfill our company mission of providing the best in industrial insulation and cladding contracting. Our management philosophy is based on continual improvement of the highest quality in process activities, services and products.

We demonstrate this dedication to continuous improvement in our operating standards with continuous professional development of our staff through accredited training courses whilst maintaining our dedication in regards of health and safety. We pursue this policy with continuous investment in safety training and education. Safety Management, Safety Solutions risk assessments and regular audits are used to minimise the risk of injury, accident, environmental and property damage.

Our success in the management of large and complex projects is due to a combination of our knowledgeable and experienced project management teams and crews. Our projects are carefully planned and tracked in a meticulous and systematic manner.

With a greater emphasis now being placed on corporate and industry responsibility towards the environment, we know Claddagh Metal Services Ltd position of being able to offer our clients the safest, most efficient and environmentally responsible insulation system available is an enviable one.

Please take the time to view our capabilities and if you wish to inquire about our services or require assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.